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Meet the Team





Dennis Fedoruk - Executive Vice President  & Acting CEO 

Dennis Fedoruk is credited with creating a billion-dollar industry that exploded in the early 90’s. Before Baby  Einstein, Baby Genius or Baby First, there was Brainy Baby. Dennis Fedoruk, the Founder and CEO of Brainy Baby, is a successful filmmaker and producer who had the vision to create an early learning methodology that  relies on verbal cues, motion and real-life relatable objects to teach young children.  His vision led to DVD’s, Music CD’s, Books, Toys and Games that sold at leading department stores like Walmart, Target and Toys R Us.  Brainy Baby became a multi-million-dollar company. Dennis also led a successful Brand Licensing Campaign, which created global partnerships with companies like, VTech Toys, Bendon Publishing (now Dalmatian Press), American Greetings, Sony Pictures, Chick-fil-a, Taco Bell, and  many more.

 Mr. Fedoruk has traveled extensively to consult with Fortune 500 corporations, Global Brands and has developed consumer products worldwide.  His latest endeavor is the launch of Small Fry Beginnings, a series of children’s books and app learning products and the creation of KMF Global Logistics / Kiddly Marketing which serves as a major fulfillment and distribution facility in North Georgia.

Dennis and his wife Stephanie are very active in their local community and serve as fully registered Volunteer Firefighters for the community of Dawson County.

As executive Vice President of Barbadiana Bliss Foods LLC.  Dennis brings over 38 years of expertise in corporate finance, brand management, licensing, logistics and distribution to the fold.





Tripp Thornton - President 

A Fortune 500 CPG Sales Executive with multi-channel and expansive product line experience ranging from Food & Beverage/Energy Drinks to Toys & Gifts to several Hollywood Studios.  Thornton has developed national account sales for many organizations including M&M/Mars, Rubbermaid & Keebler.

He has built broker networks and managed sales managers to accomplish millions in sales growth.  Thornton successfully launched & implemented the Famous Amos Brand into Wal*Mart & Sam's Club which produced one of the most well-known cookie brands on the planet.

Thornton is President & CEO of the Compass Group International whereby he and his team are working with International clients ranging from India, China, Pakistan, England, South America, Bangladesh to Paris France in order to help Navigate how to do business in the US territory.     

In his capacity as  President , Thornton brings his expertise in sales , distribution and  strategic brand expansion to Barbadiana Bliss Foods.  


Parks-ThorntonDirector of Sales

Parks Thornton - Director of Sales

For the past decade, Parks has been a part of (3)start up companies ranging from toys to Commercial Decor. Parks has spent (5) years managing and taking care of customers as well as meeting and understanding their needs. Developing relationships and handling clients with excellence at tradeshows and or at their corporate office is just one of his many talents. An avid guitar player and outdoor enthusiast are just an couple of his hobbies that he enjoys.

Enjoying and understanding the art of gourmet sauces from around the globe has become his passion which is why he is now serving Barbadiana Specialty Sauces --Barbadiana BlissFoods LLC as Director of Sales with a focus on the SEO industry.