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How can I be sure , Barbadiana Barbados Style Pepper Sauce delivers true traditional flavour?

Yes, Barbadiana Barbados Style Pepper Sauce provides a true ethnic experience as it is made fresh with ingredients to  a traditional Barbadian recipe.


Is Barbadiana sauce specific for Caribbean style foods?

No, Barbadiana Barbados Style Pepper Sauce can be used as you desire, it has a delicate flavour and spice balance that pairs well with a variety of classic and varietal cuisines, as well as Caribbean food.


How long will it take for (order processing and shipping) to receive my order? 

Barbadiana Barbados Style Pepper Sauce is made in small batches,  estimated order processing is between 7-14 business days and shipping is estimated between 4-10 business days depending on the location and country.   Note the estimated time frame may vary when dealing with increased volume , as a result of a promotion or season etcetera. Customers will be informed in the event of any extended time-frame.  We also send up date emails at stages until the product is shipped. Once shipped we provide customers with the shipping tracking details


I placed my order but would like to change it how can I do this?

For assistance with order changes or cancellations please contact us within 24 hours of placing the order.  

In the event of a return or exchange please do not return orders or products to the manufacturer , instead contact us to make arrangments.




To which countries do you ship?

The USA and Canada via USPS .  Please see shipping policy for more information.


How can I learn more and find out about product discounts?

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Your sauce is delicious where can I write a review?

If you think our sauce is great , please feel free to leave a product review on our facebook page.  


Where is Barbadiana Barbados Style Pepper Sauce Made?

Barbadiana Barbados Style Pepper Sauce is marketed and distributred by Barbadiana Bliss Foods LLC and is made in the USA, Winter Springs Florida, by IPAC our co packing partner with over 20 years experience in making authentic cuisine.