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Welcome to Barbadiana 

'Our unique sauce offers a truly special Barbados Style experience'.


Inspired by the culinary landscape of Barbados at its finest,  Barbadiana Barbados Style Pepper Sauce brings exotic yet delicious Scotch Bonnet pepper flare to your meals.  Its  unique fusion makes your taste buds dance, as if to the  rhythm of sweet calypso music.  

A premium blend. From the kitchen of a home on Barbados, our traditional Barbadian hot sauce recipe is made in the USA in small batches using select, fresh and natural ingredients for best quality.  True to the recipe's distinct home-made style - crave-able flavour and fun texture.  For an authentic taste of Barbados.  

A Spicy Pleasure!  Barbadiana contains no added sugar, msg, modified starch, artificial colours or flavours.  Features a low sodium content and is preservative-free.   


Add excitement to your meals!  Bring the festive flavour and spicy heat of Barbadiana to your table tops for a special treat.  


Feel free to let us know your thoughts about the sauce, we are always happy to hear from you.

Reviewed by Burnt Brian: 

See what Burnt Brian says about our sauce, to watch the video live visit:  (Stay tuned for link to the video).